What is Aiken Together?

Aiken Together is five-year program that will enhance education, economic vitality, and quality of life in the greater Aiken area. The program was developed by leaders of the Friends of the Aiken Railroad Depot, the Center for African-American History, Art & Culture and the Savannah River Site Heritage Foundation.

What does the Aiken Together Strategic Plan include?

There are three core components to the plan:

  • Education
  • Economic Vitality
  • Quality of Life

How much should we pledge?

Each pledge request for Aiken Together has been carefully considered and evaluated. A volunteer will contact you to arrange an appointment to answer any questions you may have about Envision Aiken and to discuss your investment in this important program.
How was the amount of our pledge determined?

A committee of corporate and community leaders in the Aiken area carefully determined each pledge request for Aiken Together. This Campaign Evaluation Committee considered the financial capacity of each corporate prospect, as well as its leadership position in our community before suggesting a target pledge request.

Is our investment in Aiken Together tax deductible?

An investment in Aiken Together may be tax deductible. However, you should consult your tax professional for specific information and advice.

How will the funds raised by Aiken Together be used?

Investments in the Aiken Together campaign will be directed toward capital expenses associated with the completion of the three facilities in a pre-determined ratio.

Additionally, there are individual naming opportunities associated with each project, and investors have the opportunity to designate their investment toward a specific facility or project if so desired.

Who will benefit from the Aiken Together initiative?

Every business, every school, and every citizen in the greater Aiken area will benefit. The completion of these three facilities will have a positive effect across the entire region. Drawing visitors to Aiken, enhancing quality of life for residents, and offering impactful new educational opportunities will play a significant role in the future of Aiken and Aiken County.

Will we be kept informed of the progress and achievements of Aiken Together?

Yes. Aiken Together will generate an annual “report card” that will measure its progress toward the accomplishment of the goals and objectives outlined in the strategic plan.

Will we receive recognition of our investment?

Yes. At the conclusion of the campaign an Honor Roll of Investors will be published in the local newspaper and a plaque will be erected at each facility in honor of all who invested in this important program. Additionally, there are unique naming opportunities for each facility.